Zombie Girl and the Four Tigers have existed as a unit since the age of antiquity. Guided in their travels around the world by what has been writ in the stars, the Tigers have sought out the monsters and demons that prey on mankind and threaten to upset order.

After engaging supernatural forces at the Battle of the
Wilderness during the American Civil War in 1864, they received sponsorship from the United States government and were
known from then on as Section 7, a division of the top-secret
Paranormal Operations Command.

In 1896, when Italian forces were defeated at the Battle of Adwa in Ethiopia, word quickly spread that the Ethiopians had employed guerrilla-type warfare using platoons of zombies. During the 1904 Russo-Japanese War, US Army intelligence uncovered a Russian werewolf program that had been implemented to limited success in the waning days of the war. In response to these and other events
as portents of a paradigm shift in warfare tactics, Section 7 received additional funding and a new title: the Department of
Irregular Warfare (DIW).

The DIW’s operational forte are theaters of conflict involving the supernatural and mystical, where the expectancy of mortal injury to an average soldier is high . The success of Zombie Girl as a special forces operative has led the United States to explore the development and proliferation of additional zombie operatives and expand the DIW program from a single Alpha Team to as many as five.